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This article is presented as an artwork in the form of a mini-game. Through the structure and interactive elements of this game, players will receive the art message which is the significance of the article itself as well. Both the form and content of this writing aim to assert that if research is liberated from academic stereotypes, conducting artistic research will be the same experience as playing a game. The result will be always the unknown that needs to be disclosed. The process of discovery will help players expanding their knowledge and developing their skills; and they will also find many hints shortening the path to the findings.

Core issue

Each scientific paradigm is defined by the context of a certain period of time. It is appreciated in a particular historical phase but will be replaced by a different appropriate paradigm. According to Thomas S. Kuhn, the successive transition from one paradigm to another is often done through a revolution (Kuhn, 2013). Likewise, in order to change the artistic academic paradigm, we need to consider a revolution in artistic research and practice. Through several proposals and experiments contained within this article, I would like to contribute to this process.