When invited to contribute to this edition of Mahkuscript, artist Natasha Tontey and curator Sanne Oorthuizen decided to use this publication as a space for experimentation and learning, to actively do speculation (even though or perhaps just because this is grammatically incorrect), and to do so in the dark. This contribution, consisting of text, images, fiction, borrowed material, links (don’t forget the links, they’re everywhere!), takes Tontey’s artwork entitled The Manifesto of Tactile and Fanciful Tactics on how to build a Speculative Future through 1.0 list of an alternative and plausible cosmic solution (2018), in particular Point 0.8. in the Manifesto, as its incantation and guide while exploring the Dark Web, calling out demons and speculating about other, alternative forms living and post-capitalist futures.

0.8. Demon, ghost, fiend, terror, dreams and
fear are synonyms of future.
We fear the unknown.
The future is unknown.
Why do we fear the unknown?
Why do we fear a place called hell as well as the repression of chasing nirvana?
Am I forever wrong?
Is that all we have?
What if I said, that in our present condition, fear is fabricated by the one who has power?
fiction and speculation are the antidote of fearfulness.

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