“Phantoms of Form” is a visual art project, initiated in 2015 and exists, but is not limited to, sculptural forms, printed text, illustration and performance. The project takes as it’s central point the idea of the “other” woman. The protagonist is a female figure, that has been devised to enable a distance. She is a ghost, a shadow, She is there but not present. The female form is currently a composite of the architect Eileen Grey (1878–1976), the artist Barbara Hepworth (1903–1975) as well as the instigator of the project, visual artist Eleanor Duffin (1980–present). The life and designs of both historical women are used in collaboration with Eleanor’s own work, as an auto-fiction. The project adopts some of it’s framework from fan fiction.

“Phantoms of Form” exists as a series of chapters, currently 1–6. Chapter 1, looks at the Parallel between two women and strives for a shared position between both. Chapter 2, seeks to move closer to an understanding of mimicry, mirroring, replication, doubling and repetition as actions for self awareness and gaining autonomy. Chapter 3, observes frustration, when the artist looses an understanding of their work and seeks to regain movement of thought. Chapter 4, is a series of fictive sculptures, never to be realised, for an exhibition which did not happen. Chapter 5, exists as 2 sculptural objects. Below is a fragment from the current chapter, Chapter 6, which is titled a Phantom Limb.

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